Expressing the figure in watercolour is walking a tightrope; arguably the most difficult medium coupled with the most challenging subject requires a calm mind and a flair for swift mark making. All these works are produced from life using a live model with strict time limits.

My works are impressionistic, yet there is concern for proportion, light, form, and texture of physical realities. Evoking non-physical realities are equally important. I use expressionistic gesture and stylized marks, take liberties with colour and background to provide meaningful context for the figure.

Watercolour is not a medium that can be learnt overnight. It requires constant study, but persistence and perseverance will eventually pay off. This fearless approach in life drawing has helped me enormously in my landscape work. It has taught me that brevity and suggestion are more powerful than laborious superficial details, especially with a medium that thrives on spontaneity. It has also taught me to take more risks, which has opened new possibilities and taken me down new paths.