Course 1: Beginning Watercolour

Learn about all aspects of watercolour technique – colour mixes, intensity and washes, composition and drawing – by creating small, simple paintings. Experiment with materials and the medium, in this fun and easy going class.

Course outline

The characteristics of watercolour is explored by painting simple compositions. This course will cover a range of materials – different papers, paint mixes, brushes, and the techniques – washes, graduation and variegation of colour.

During each session a small painting will be completed. You will be guided through a demonstration of painting techniques. An explanation will be given of the first washes and as these dry, you will attempt you own first washes. The tutor then continues to demonstrate the painting, stopping at each stage allowing you to catch up and provide help, when requested.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course, students should:

  • become familiar with the medium
  • be able to plan an approach and method to complete a painting
  • learn different subjects
  • create fresh and lively paintings
  • obtain a series of paintings at the end of the course.

Who should enrol

The course is best suited for beginners.

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