Course 2 Beginning Watercolour II

Painting – ANU Centre for Continuing Education

Painting – ANU Centre for Continuing Education

Learn about all aspects of watercolour technique – colour mixes, intensity and washes, composition and drawing – by creating small, simple paintings. Experiment with materials and the medium, in this fun and easy going class.
Watercolour is a lifelong creative medium, as you can find endless new ways to use it. The perplexities of watercolour are best understood by knowing its fundamentals. The most captivating and intricate watercolour is composed of few simple techniques.

With many demonstrations and hands-on exercises, you will gain a wider appreciation and understanding of the medium of watercolour which will help you build your confidence to proceed to the next level. Following the fundamental skills you will learn four critical aspects of the watercolourist: Planning, Drawing, Timing and incorporating Figures into Landscapes.

During each session, a small painting will be completed. You will be guided through a demonstration of painting techniques. An explanation will be given of the first washes and as these dry, you will attempt you own first washes. The tutor then continues to demonstrate the painting, stopping at each stage allowing you to catch up and provide help.

Course outline

  • Topic 1: Drawing Towards Painting
  • Topic 2: Timing
  • Topic 3: Incorporating Figures
  • Topic 4: Edge Control
  • Topic 5: Creative Mark Making
  • Topic 6: Advanced Techniques

Who should enrol

Beginner to intermediate artists.

For Registrations please follow the link below

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